Where can you find good food abroad?

A vacation abroad includes relaxation and fun, as well as searching for the best and most delicious food recipes. Gourmets choose to combine the relaxation of their holiday with a gastronomic journey of the local cuisine of each country visited. If your ideal vacation isn’t just visiting different sights, then you should choose your next trip considering where to find the most delicious recipes that will dazzle you with their unique and unparalleled flavors. .

Perfect foodie countries, cities, neighborhoods and regions are spread all over the world. From Europe to Asia to Latin America, each is a truly spectacular gastronomic destination.

Enjoy delicious recipes closer to home

Europe has some of our favorite foods. From pasta and pizza to fries and burgers, ice cream to cakes, European restaurants offer delicious food for everyone. In fact, if you love food, Europe is the place to visit. Sample hundreds of different national cuisines including Italian, Greek, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Balkan and Ukrainian.

From fresh pasta to delicious pizza, Italian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and unique ingredients. French cuisine includes a wide variety of cheeses, breads, meats, vegetables, soups, sauces and wines. France is also famous for desserts, especially pastries, cakes, tarts, ice creams, chocolates and pancakes.

Germany produces some of the best beer in the world that can be enjoyed with sausages, schnitzel, potato salad and rye bread. Spain has beautiful scenery and some of the best tapas bars outside of the big cities. Paella, gazpacho soup, and tortilla de patata are all famous for their delicious dishes.

Greece is a popular destination for those who enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil sandwiches, souvlaki sandwiches and a glass of raki are staples of the daily diet. Greek salad is delicious and nutritious, making it a perfect summer meal.

Switzerland is known for its chocolate and fondue. Swiss cuisine includes meats, pastas, soups and veal. The area is a hiker’s, skier’s and snowboarder’s paradise. Nature lovers love to come here for hiking, biking, kayaking, paragliding, and other outdoor activities.

If you want to combine fun and adventure for a rich, delicious and perfect meal, choose one of the European cities that offers the whole package. Just set your vacation dates, book your plane tickets in advance and you can make your dream trip a reality.

Discover the tropical cuisine of Latin America

Latin America has some of the best food in the world. From Argentina to Brazil, Peru to Chile, Colombia to Ecuador, Venezuela to Paraguay, Uruguay to Bolivia, these countries have everything you need when it comes to food. Each region offers something unique: fresh seafood from Ecuador, exotic fruits from Peru, hearty meats from Argentina, rich chocolate from Venezuela, and incredible deserts from Mexico. No matter where you go, you will always find delicious food at any price.

Delight your taste buds with recipes from the Asian continent

Asia is arguably the largest continent offering sensational cuisine. From Japan to Korea, Thailand to Vietnam, China to India, Indonesia to Malaysia, Singapore to Cambodia, Asian cuisine has been influenced by its geographic location and climate. As a result, each country has its own unique cooking style. From spicy Thai curries to sweet Japanese desserts, Asian cuisine is rich in variety and flavor.

Dubai cuisine is also one of the most popular dishes thanks to its delicious and spicy flavors. Give yourself several days of relaxation and enjoyment, paired with exciting cuisine. Book a flight to Dubai and fly to this futuristic vacation destination. As in most Middle Eastern countries, typical Dubai food is flavorful. Don’t miss the hummus and tabbouleh, as well as the famous Eshu Asalaya dessert of cream cheese cake.

Every country and continent has something special: salsas from Mexico, tropical fruits and spices from Brazil, authentic pizzas from Italy, mesedos from Greece, curries and chutneys from India, and unique saffron recipes from Morocco. Choose your itinerary and plan your next gastronomic holiday with a taste of the diverse cultures of different countries.

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