Video A Romanian made Italy’s first pizza with gold leaf / He sells it for €99 and has the song “We Are the Champions” with every order

In Lido di Jesolo, near Venice, there is a restaurant serving 24-carat solid gold for lunch and dinner, reports Corriere della Sera. Produced by Romanians.

Pizza “Mimi La Regina d’Oro 24K” from restaurant “Da Robert” is a 100% edible pizza with mozzarella, tomato sauce, 200 grams of burrata di bufara, basil leaves and golden flakes. 99 euros.

“Customers are experiencing moments of glory,” explains restaurant owner Robert Nedea.

“Gold is the only pure edible metal and has always been a symbol of power. Eating it makes you feel stronger and stronger,” he adds.

The idea of ​​making pizza out of gold was suggested to Robert by his son Alessandro.

“In restaurants in Dubai, they sprinkle gold on their steaks and sell them for a thousand dollars.

Robert takes this idea very seriously and the results are showing. A week he has 4-5 customers who order the most expensive dishes on the menu.

“We sold five in one night last week! They are usually foreign tourists, but there are also local businessmen and young people who want to exaggerate. Do it to give and leave a tip of at least €25.They usually also order a bottle of champagne, ”explains the pizzeria. –

As part of the restaurant’s ritual, each pizza is accompanied by the song “We Are the Champions.”

“If the customer accepts, we announce to the whole restaurant that they have placed the order,” says the Romanian.


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