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  • Trout in a jar for the winter
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Real housewives know that we are at a time when the most delicious sides are being prepared for the winter. It’s useful. Knowing how to make it will be a treat.

Trout in a jar for the winter

Trout is delicious in the oven or on the grill, but can also be eaten in jars in the winter. For canning, a few simple ingredients are needed to preserve the trout optimally. But anyone wanting to do it for their family for the first time should know the secrets that make the difference.

If you want to jar your trout over the winter, you’ll need to keep the fish in the vinegar water for a few hours before starting the actual process.

“The bones need to be kept in vinegar water to soften them.Bianca Todran, a housewife from Dobrosia, said.

After soaking in vinegar water for several hours, it can be bottled. In a jar with 300 grams of trout, put bay leaf, mosaic pepper and 3 grams of salt. Leave the jar in the oven for several hours.

Fish dishes will be ingredients for appetizers and salads. A kilogram of trout can cost up to 35 lei in shopping centers and around 28 lei in trout farms.

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