The secret to the best pizza dough.Dishes come out exactly like in Italy

People all over the world love pizza. Many of them love to order it in restaurants, but savvy housewives want to make it from scratch at home for family and friends. A few details related to proportions and amounts need to be paid attention to. Patience is required to let the dough rise for at least an hour until it is fluffy and airy. Method is as follows.

Pizza Topping Recipes: The Perfect Way to Make It

Everyone loves pizza. Many people order it at night restaurants or prepare it at home.Many housewives have spent time experimenting with different pizza toppings her recipe. Romanians have a special way of making this dish.

More precisely, there are regions where the top of the country is very thick, on top of which are various ingredients such as sausage, salty cheese, eggs and potatoes. Eat as simply as possible. Pizza beats its versatility, offering hundreds of special recipes.

The special taste of this dish depends on the dough. The base is usually made from wheat flour. Specialists knead the dough very quickly, but leave it to ferment for hours beforehand. A convenient method is to use only your hands instead of the familiar rolling pin.

the fabric should not get wet

The thickness of the dough should be 3-4mm in the center and 1-2cm on the sides. Also, the dough should be coated with extra virgin olive oil so that it does not get wet. It is not recommended to leave the cake in the refrigerator for too long as it will lose its flavor and freshness.

After thawing, the texture may collapse. Experts suggest adding more yeast than the recipe calls for. Leave to stand, then put the dough in the oven with the necessary ingredients.

It is also recommended to make your own seasoned tomato sauce at home. You can top it with fine salami, tomatoes, cheese, oregano, capsicum, mushrooms, or olives. Some people eat it with corn or pineapple, others like to make everything together. Good appetite!

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