The most bizarrely cooked fish on the Romanian coast: also for pizza and dessert

The royal road of cooking, at the beach! Dozens of chefs, including Michelin-starred chefs, with a passion for fishing and cooking, competed to prepare the food.

And the star of the plate was the fish – fried, slow cooked, pizza or even as a dessert!

It was fish as far as the eye could see at the Black Sea Fish Festival. Dozens of chefs competed against each other with special recipes in front of hot ovens and hot plates. Everyone wanted to impress and show off their skills.

cooking: “It takes about four hours overall. It’s dry, so let’s keep it a little hydrated (water-ed). We use whiskey-flavored pellets here.”

Cooking techniques are unique to American gourmet kitchens. “Slow-cooked mullet, but generally everything is slow-cooked here and includes vegetables, a little lemon juice and white winesays the chef.

Others have tried to appreciate fish in novel ways…and sweet!

Ioan Raileanu: “I chose dessert. I used sweet trout that I chose to marinate with brown sugar and mango, and put it next to pavlova, meringue.”

There was also pizza, but this is also reinterpreted…

Iulian Dumitrescu: “We put in organic green spirulina, cream of spinach and the essential fish. Marinated luffa. Highly recommended. Another thing is the pink pizza. Why is it pink? The pink part is beets. ”

Fresh fish cooked on the stove was also a success.

Three Michelin star Italian chef Enrico Derflinger:
“I tasted the polenta fish that I cook at home in Lake Como. is.”

Dragos Zaman, Chef: There’s a trick to keeping fresh rufa up to 4 hours old from sticking to the pan, stove, nothing, and salt. “

The menu also included fish borscht cooked in the sea according to a Moldovan recipe.

Chef Mirella Nechita: “I used carp, crucian carp and catfish. All Moldovan dishes are delicious because the soul is the first ingredient and then the fish.”

The gluttons tasted everything he saw.

Now in its seventh year, the festival was attended by professional chefs, specialists from the Horeka sector, fishermen and junior chefs.

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