The latest foodie: pizza with golden toppings.Business Romanians hit Italy

Pizza is very much loved all over the world. I love eating this Italian dish at least once a week, especially for a night out with friends and family. There is now a trendy gold-topped pizza, which was invented by the Romanians. How much does it cost to eat pizza with 24 carat gold? Such a dish does not fit anyone’s budget.

Pizza with golden topping: a dish invented by Romanians

Pizza is consumed in different ways by all people in this world. The chef has offered pizza lovers a variety of recipes with fish, vegetables, fruits and chocolate, but now he also uses 24 carat gold. The last mentioned recipe is actually a Romanian idea.

Of course, it won’t fit everyone’s budget, but those who like to try new things will pay what they need for a different culinary experience. It’s a curious person’s choice whether or not to taste the pizza. The man is from Bucharest, but he decided to go to Italy 30 years ago.

He currently runs a pizzeria restaurant in Jesolo, Venice. The latter wanted to do something special for those who crossed the threshold of his place, so he considered putting classic pizza on the menu, but with edible gold. Most people who order it add a bottle of champagne to the special package for the special guests at the table.

“For once in your life you can do crazy things”

According to Corriere del Veneto, the dish is called “Pizza Mimi Regina dOro 24 Kt” and costs over 99 euros. The boss argued that people deserve to do such crazy things in their lives and try something special.

“In restaurants in Dubai, they sprinkle gold on their steaks and sell them for a thousand dollars. Pizza should do the same. ate.

It’s one thing to pay €1,500 for a piece of meat and another to pay €99 for a pizza. You can do crazy things once in your life. We don’t put our hands in anyone’s wallet,” said the restaurant’s owner, Robert Nedea.

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