Pizzeria Mastro – They left Rome for the bacau, but they brought with them the secret of authentic pizza with an uncompromising 100% Italian taste.

After 20 years of experience in the Italian culinary field, Silviu and Elena Jipa bacauthey tried to bring in a small part of the Italian tradition.

It appeared like this.”Pizzeria MastroWe are a local family owned business located at 25 Stefan cel Mare, Podu`cu Lanturi roundabout.

Without compromise, we have succeeded in choosing the best ingredients and providing the best. tario pizza from the area. At Pizzeria Mastro, you can find a variety of pizzas to suit every taste. The dough is prepared entirely in the ‘Mastro’ kitchen, no pre-purchased mixtures are used and fermentation is slow.

Assortment of Pizza Mastro

In the future, Silviu and Elena want to expand their business and transform their pizzeria into a restaurant serving Mediterranean recipes.

In the future, we hope to transform this pizzeria into a small Italian restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to pizza, we offer products ordered from Italy such as homemade pasta. Prepare your pasta here using professional equipment that you have already purchased.I want the people of Bacău to find the authentic taste of Italy.said Silviu

pizza al taglio It sells for 49 lei per kg (4.9 lei per 100 grams). There are also discounts of 5% for 2kg, 10% for 3 and 15% for 4kg and above. If you have a party or other event, Pizzeria Mastro is the place for you.

Facebook: Mastro – La Pizza Italiana

Phone: 0771 074 395

Address: Strada Ștefan cel mare 25/D (Podu`cu Lanturi roundabout)

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