Maxim Belciug with Guitar – Great Love

On Thursday, August 25, 2022, at 7:00 pm, the Unteatru Open Air season invites the audience to a commemorative concert. The charismatic Maxim Belciug gathers all the most beautiful things in the world in his beloved guitar and comes to the university garden. House, together we celebrate with the audience the incredible fact that we love music and love blue skies and the world we are passing through. Summer songs instead. – So do we. As Nikos Kazantzakis said at the beginning of his work, “Hello man, poor two-legged cockerel! True, don’t follow other people, the sun won’t rise unless you sing at dawn! ”

Born August 25, 1967, Maxim Belciug is today one of Romania’s most beloved musicians. He began his classical guitar studies at the age of ten and soon won his first first prize in a guitar competition, at the 1st Sinaia Classical Guitar Festival (1983). The occasion also saw his first recital with the Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra. After graduating with a degree in linguistics from the University of Bucharest (at that time the guitar was not studied in the Romanian education system), he devoted himself entirely to music, and devoted himself fully and exclusively to the effort to familiarize the Romanian public with classical music. fully involved. guitar. Since then to this day, he has performed many nationally and internationally, either as a soloist or with various chamber orchestras, in the more tenuous atmosphere of the Philharmonic and Athens, or on unconventional stages and wonderful venues. . Meeting the public, celebration and celebration of love for music and the guitar. “The point is, what I’m looking for is for people, especially young people, to hear the guitar. It doesn’t matter where you sing – says Maxim Belciug – it matters what you offer with your singing.” .”

So August 25th is Guitar Day and we celebrate it with a concert with Maxim Bertschug. The recital he will begin at 19:00 and will take place in the garden of the University House on Arthur Verona Street (opposite entrance to the Icon Garden).

Reservations can be made by emailing or SMS number 0721.268.516. Tickets are available at,, or at the venue prior to the concert.

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