Lebanese food-inspired preparations to try on Lebanon’s National Day

Based on thousands of years of traditions carefully passed down from generation to generation, Lebanese cuisine is today one of the world’s most acclaimed gastronomic delights. Rich in spices that provide a unique and exotic flavor to each dish, but also fresh vegetables are included for the perfect blend of taste and vital nutrients for the body.

On Lebanon’s National Day, which is celebrated on November 22nd every year, foodpanda Romania, a fast delivery and ordering platform, invites you to take this opportunity to sample the best Lebanese-inspired dishes. .

Fresh parsley, fresh tomatoes, lemons, mint, onions, crushed wheat and olive oil are the ingredients that make up one of the most famous salads, a specialty of Lebanon. tabboulehYou can order from the menu of the Karamuna restaurant in Bucharest.

Another highly acclaimed salad inspired by Lebanese cuisine is Salad Fattoush A hearty and delicious dish of linguine croquettes and fresh vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, parsley, sumac and olive oil). If you are from Constanta, you can find it in the offer of the Byblos restaurant.

Falafel A dish that needs no introduction, taking its rightful place in the palate of gourmets. Enjoy falafel with cabbage, tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickled cucumbers, mixed sauce and French fries prepared by Sisi Shaorma & Kebab Restaurant in Sibiu.

Highly nutritious, Khums It is a versatile menu that can be used as a snack or as a main dish. Order the classic hummus with tahini from chickpea paste and fries his potatoes, expertly prepared by the chef at Yasi’s Hummus Bar Restaurant.

Another Lebanese dish you should definitely try on this occasion is Kebe Maily From the menu of the Naser restaurant in Bucharest. Served with beef, crushed wheat, mint, chili peppers, pine buds, pepper, sumac, white sauce and green salad to ensure a delicious mixture of flavors.

For a culinary treat you can try wet lebanon, yogurt, rice, onions, pine buds, almonds and raisins. If you’re from Cluj, Marhabahe can confidently order from a Lebanese restaurant’s menu.

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