Is this where the world’s best pizza is made? Note, the restaurant is not in Italy!

The origins of pizza recipes have been a topic of debate for years, and the culinary specialty was most likely invented in a Mediterranean country.

Italian culture lovers have always claimed that pizza originated in Naples, but the thin round bread covered with various other ingredients and spices was found in Babylon, Egypt, the Persian Empire and, in ancient times, the Hellenes. It was also eaten in the territory of

Italian pizza recipes are the most popular

However, Italians applied the same rigor inherent in traditional recipes when it came to pizza. This means less ingredients regardless of the recipe they are cooked in, and most importantly the quality of the ingredients.

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Unfortunately, mass tourism and the staggering amount of pizza consumed daily around the world have affected both of these basic elements of the authentic recipe. is accompanied by smorgasbord, resulting in a high-calorie smorgasbord, and at worst, low-quality, cheap, processed ingredients are used to accentuate certain flavors, including Italian.

In this way, in search of the perfect pizza, many famous food critics have reported in unison:The best pizza in the world is in Arizona!Arizona is in the US, but the pizzeria food critics recommend is the Italian pizzeria owned by likeable Chris Bianco.

The best pizza we found in Phoenix, Arizona

The place is called “Pizzeria Bianco” and is located in the heart of the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Chris Bianco’s secret lies in the ingredients he uses. Every ingredient has clear traceability, from the wheat grains that grind the flour on top, to the mozzarella balls handcrafted each morning according to a unique recipe, to the basil leaves that adorn each pizza.

Chris embarked on a true local survey to identify genuine suppliers who could supply him with all the ingredients. It even encouraged the start of certain businesses that are now thriving.

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Believe it or not, it is difficult to achieve such success today. Even Chris Bianco has spent years making sure all ingredients are grown, raised and produced properly.

After that, he was able to launch several restaurants using ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Pizzeria Bianco has been declared the best pizzeria in the United States by Bon Appétit, Rachael Ray and Andrew Zimmern. The Vogue magazine food critic traveled the world to find the perfect pizza.

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At the end of his culinary journey, he said:The best pizza in the world is at Pizzeria Bianco in Arizona. ” This place is also highly rated by Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. His streaming platform Netflix recently dedicated an entire episode to Chris Bianco at the opening of the seventh season of the series Chef’s Table called Chef’s Table: Pizza.

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