How to Make Delicious Vegetables in the Oven in 10 Minutes Recipes Kids Will Love

Delicious vegetables ready in 10 minutes in the oven - a recipe your kids will love.Source - pexels

Delicious vegetables ready in 10 minutes in the oven – a recipe your kids will love.Source – pexels

Your child doesn’t want to eat vegetables? When they see this food, they immediately change their mind.

In less than 10 minutes, you can prepare a simple and inexpensive vegetable-based dish that you can serve to your guests.

Simply check your pantry and pick your veggies to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

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Materials needed:

4 tomatoes,

2 bell peppers,

3 cloves of garlic,

1 eggplant,

3 potatoes,

5 small pumpkins

150 grams of mozzarella cheese,

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese,

Black pepper, salt, thyme, olive oil – to taste.

How to prepare this vegetable dish in the oven

Wash the vegetables, remove the stalks and chop finely. Place the eggplants in a baking tray in the oven and grease with oil. After 10 minutes, place the diced potatoes on top of the eggplant. Then the pepper condition follows. Season vegetables with 1 teaspoon salt and olive oil.

Place the tray in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

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Meanwhile, grate the tomatoes directly into a large bowl. Then add salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Continue with grated Parmesan cheese and thyme. Mix with a spatula until the ingredients are even.

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When the vegetables are ready, remove the tray from the oven. Mix gently with a spoon and drizzle the tomato paste and Parmesan cheese over the vegetables. When the vegetables are completely covered with tomato pulp, grated mozzarella cheese is added and the pan is placed in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 hours. Good appetite!

Oil-free, low-calorie mayonnaise perfect for summer salads

In summer, many people crave seasonal ingredients such as salads. Actually, it refers not only to vegetables, but also to potatoes and rice. They are often accompanied by sauces that enhance the flavor and somehow make them more complete.

Using sauces significantly increases the calorie level of the dish. However, there are many ways to manage your calorie count.

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This time, we will introduce a recipe for non-oil mayonnaise that is delicious and light and perfect for seasoning dishes. Let’s find out together how to prepare it in a very simple way.

Materials needed:

2 eggs;

100g Greek yogurt,

half a lemon;


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Preparation method

First, you need to be able to hard-boil the eggs. The yolk should be firm. Once boiled, the eggs are submerged in cold water. Meanwhile, get a blender, put Greek yogurt in a container, and squeeze the juice out of half a lemon.

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Blend in a blender until you have a thick, compact cream. Do not forget to add salt to taste.

This way you can get the perfect dressing in no time, not only to accompany French fries, salad snacks, but also to garnish summer sandwiches. 100 grams of this preparation contains about 100 calories.

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Store-bought mayonnaise has a very high number of calories due to one of the most calorie-dense ingredients, oil.

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