How many lei is a pizza in Naples “Da Michele”

If you’re planning a vacation in Italy and don’t know where to start, one of the must-see cities is Naples. If you also like pizza, this is the ideal destination. This is where your favorite food was ‘born’.

A place not to be missed in Naples is the world’s first pizzeria “Da Michele”. Here you can find the most famous pizza recipes. The most famous are Marimala and Margherita, which are very reasonably priced. Pizzas at this legendary restaurant range from €8 to €13.

Also, in the movie Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts also ate pizza at Da Michele.

Yes Michelle – where the best pizza in the world is made

“Da Michele” is not only the first pizzeria, it is also said to make the best pizza. Since 1870, we have been making pizza every day for tourists and locals alike.

In 1870, the Conduro family began writing stories about the long tradition of making pizza in the heart of Naples. Salvatore’s son, Michele his Conduro, improved the family’s recipe and opened the first pizzeria in 1906. In 1930 the pizzeria moved to Via Cesare Sersale.

To this day, five generations of pizzerias have kept the pizzeria alive, strictly following the instructions of Michele’s grandfather. No “junk food” type ingredients are found in the dishes.

The secret is basically the use of natural ingredients and the traditional fermentation method of the dough used.

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