Fluffy lamb shank perfect for Easter.best recipe

There are several recipes for preparing mouth-watering lamb shanks.Whether it’s Easter or any other day, there are a few secrets that make this dish fluffy, tender, and not stuffy.

Superb lamb loin meat made with a simple recipe

The secret to making it plump and tender is not to boil the internal organs in water, but to adjust the flavor with green onions and garlic like stew.

Also, another mistake is to boil all the internal organs from scratch. Each has a different texture and cooking time. Do not cook the delicate liver at the same time as the heart.

Materials needed and how to make:

– 600 g lamb organs lungs, kidneys, liver, heart

– 600g green onion, halved (half roasted, half raw)

– 2 cloves of green garlic

– 1 bunch of green parsley

– 3 boiled eggs

– 3 raw eggs

– 3 tbsp oil (olive or sunflower)

– salt and freshly ground black pepper

– grated nutmeg (optional)

– breadcrumbs (optional) – if you don’t have breadcrumbs, grease the mold and cover it with a little breadcrumbs

Fry half of the green onions in a frying pan with 3 tablespoons of oil. Remove the salt. When the onion is glassy, ​​add the viscera and cook with the lid ajar for about 30 minutes over medium heat, and sprinkle with pepper. These are cooked until slightly browned.

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When the pan is ready, let it cool for 15-30 minutes and grind in a food processor before returning the prep to the pan and mixing it in with 3 raw eggs and vegetables.

Lamb loin cooking temperature and calories per 100g

Bake the lamb shanks at 170°C medium heat for 40-50 minutes.

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100 grams of lamb offal contains 218 calories, 16.4 grams protein, 13 grams fat, 7.7 grams carbohydrates and 0.5 grams fiber.

Traditional recipe: lamb stew in oven and cauldron…

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