Fast without extra pounds. Tips and recipes from Anca Alungulesei

Anca Alungulesei, nutrition therapist

Anca Alungulesei, nutrition therapist

Anca Alungulesei, a nutritional therapist and creator of the integrated weight-loss program Psiho-Dieta, says that during the Christmas fasting period, people eat a lot of carbohydrates to make up for the lack of animal protein, which can lead to even more weight gain. warns that there is Dairy products on the menu.

Anca Alungulesei reveals some key tips for slowing weight gain while fasting.

“Fasting should, first of all, focus on replacing animal-based proteins with plant-based proteins, but not bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, refined-based sweets. You should also reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed from, for example, white sugar, given your daily intake of autumn-specific vegetables (cooked or raw) and fermented probiotic foods (pickles, raw borscht or fermented cabbage). In addition to these, include a daily source of omega-3-rich vegetable fats on your menu, which can be obtained from nuts, seeds, or coconut oil.

Nutritional therapist Anca Alungulesei, who has over 10 years of expertise in the field of healthy eating, claims that there are gentle alternatives for body shaping and fasting. Food is consumed not only from a false panic of hunger and the thought of not being able to eat enough, but also from a high dependence on carbohydrates creating a vicious cycle. A classic diet choice during fasting consists of fast carbohydrates that are converted to glucose in the body. This results in a generous and unwanted start of the fat that the body is covered with, but lowers the energy level and converts it into a state. of fatigue. There are lean fasting alternatives such as lean bread, vegetable versions, and eggless bread that is easy to recipe and on hand.vegetable pizza with cauliflower crust, easy-to-make unsweetened chocolate at home, tahini and nut-topped salad, fall vegetables in different ways (grilled, light skillet, wok), vegetable konnyaku pasta, fatty A lot of fish (if there is a release),” he reveals Anca Alungulesei believes that products based on refined flour, potatoes and sweets, which contain refined sugars that force the body to “wrap around” in a buffer layer of fat, should be avoided.

From the perspective of nutrition therapist Anka Arungresei, the fasting period should not be “burdened” with snacks or additional meals to quell the panic caused by lack of meat or dairy products, but should be the same throughout the day. Food distribution should be maintained.

“It is very important for the fasting person not to view the fast only as ‘hungry’ and to eat only bread, rice and potatoes for the rest of the day. ) Hungry men are actually hungry because their bodies are not properly fed or because insatiable panic intervenes. No matter how much you eat, you are not actually providing the nutrients and micronutrients your body needs. deficiencies need to be replaced with plant-based protein on a daily basis.And the choice of those who do not consume enough protein daily is carbohydrates, which are mistakenly chosen with serious consequences. In order not to gain weight while eating, you need to ensure you meet your daily protein requirements and add at least some omega-3 rich vegetable fats on top of that. Adopt Psiho – On a diet, fasting should be viewed as a period of mental, spiritual and dietary cleansing.

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