Best types of cheese for pizza. Blends used by top Italian chefs

The Best Types of Cheese for Pizza. Do you know who they are? Whether it’s mozzarella, gouda, roquefort or parmesan, cheese is essential in preparing the famous pizza. Choosing the right kind of cheese is important for your recipe to be perfect. Here are the best ingredients if you want the best flavor and just the right texture.

What kind of cheese is best for pizza?

Ideal pizza ingredients should be combined to create texture and flavor contrasts. For example, if you want to incorporate hard cheese into your pizza, expert advice is to shred it and combine it with soft cheese in larger amounts.

Mixing the texture of pizza cheese with the rest of the ingredients is usually very satisfying in taste, but it’s essential to do it very tastefully.


In pizza recipes, good chefs usually use mozzarella cheese to achieve the perfect taste. However, pizza with mozzarella cheese will release oil when baked, so be careful.

It is natural for all cheeses to release some of their fat when exposed to high temperatures, and for pizza recipes this affects the final flavor, appearance and taste.

Add some very high quality mozzarella cheese and you are sure to get an aesthetically pleasing pizza with a pleasing texture.

Best type of cheese for pizza. Parmesan

Parmesan cheese is mildly spicy and intensely flavored, making it one of the most delicious pizza cheeses. It can be added on its own or combined with mozzarella or other soft cheeses for less intensity.

Parmesan cheese should be grated when topped so that the cheese melts evenly. Moreover, in this way you will get an even golden crust over the entire surface of the pie.

Pizza is a real success when seasoned with basil, mushrooms or fresh tomatoes. Mozzarella cheese can be grated or finely chopped.


If you’re tired of mozzarella and parmesan, gouda cheese is the perfect way to create your own unique recipes. Gouda is also a fairly cheap alternative.

This pizza cheese melts easily, has an appealing flavor and is perfect for typical Italian pizza recipes. Gouda is also available in smoked versions and has a unique and unforgettable taste.


The best pizza cheese is, of course, Roquefort. If you want to create a pie that will satisfy even the most demanding customers, chefs recommend incorporating Roquefort cheese into the pizza dough.

With all the ingredients you want to add, the flavor and texture of these exquisite cheeses will always stand out and leave your customer’s palate completely satisfied.

Generally, roqueforze cheese is shredded and put into a dough with large amounts of mozzarella or other soft or semi-soft cheeses.

Roquefort cheese has a uniquely salty and intense taste. A great recipe you can make is the Roquefort cheese pizza, a classic among Italians with arugula.

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