Barrel Sauerkraut Recipe. A delicious dish for all seasons.

  • How to make barrel fresh sauerkraut
  • What are the required ingredients?

This barrel sauerkraut recipe is delicious any time of the year or season. Doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, this dish will dazzle you. Introducing the necessary materials and how to make it!

Sauerkraut in a barrel – recipe


For a 60 kg barrel:

– 25 kg of cabbage

– a bunch of dried dill sprigs

– a bunch of fenugreek branches

・2kg coarse salt

– 1 tablespoon rice

– Corn Cob Grains

-4 horseradish

Method of preparation:

Clean the dried or cut cabbage leaves, remove the core from the cabbage, and put a spoonful of salt and horseradish inside. Let it sit overnight to soften the salt, then add more salt. Put the cabbage in the barrel with the salt on top.

Purchase only cabbage according to the dimensions of the barrel. Add dill, fenugreek, and remaining wasabi. Add rice to reduce acidity and add corn to enhance the yellow color. The barrel is filled with water and after a couple of days the juice is poured. That is, all the juice is removed from the barrel and added again. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

A 60 kg barrel contains about 30-35 liters of juice. Check the salt content of the juice and add fresh cabbage before the final filling. It is placed in a place protected from frost and heat. The sauerkraut is ready for use after 2-3 weeks and can be used to prepare sauerkraut salads, but can also be used in sauerkraut-based dishes such as salmare.

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