Also pay attention to the sauce used for the salad.Nutritionist: The following dressings are best made at home

Nutritionist Marilena Oplishan talked about the signs of inflammation in the body, but also what foods to include in your daily diet.

“First, we need to demystify what inflammation is. We need to understand that inflammation is the body’s first line of defense against biological agents, viruses, or bacteria. Speaking of the tract, imagine cutting or tapping the skin at the first signs of inflammation: redness, edema, heat at the site of injury, pain, etc. Similarly, at the level of the digestive tract, , in states of acute inflammation, the abdomen is distended through symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, bloating, imbalanced intestinal transit, and even acute pain,” said nutritionist Marilena. What.

“Food additives belong to the pro-inflammatory category, that is, anything that harms us, especially sodium monoglutamate or nitrate, with which fruits and vegetables are processed. It has antioxidant and anti-tumor properties, but when processed, irradiated and high in nitrates, it has the opposite effect and is harmful. Pro-inflammatory effects with immediate abdominal discomfort. (…) Pay attention to the sauces you use for your salads, if each dressing contains additives, you’ll eat the salad for free, it’s best to make your own olive oil and lemon dressing at home ‘ said Mihaela Oplician.

“Modern people’s diets are rich in omega-6s and don’t need to be supplemented, just balanced. Foods high in omega-6s include peanuts, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, margarine and hemp. , cashew nuts, ”said the nutritionist.


A diet high in yogurt and whole milk quadruples weight loss

“Whole grain or skimmed? When it comes to dairy, many people choose the low-fat version to avoid consuming fat. How much fat does milk actually contain? 100ml, partially skimmed 1.5g/100ml.2g difference is ridiculous considering that 1 tablespoon of oil means 10g of pure fat.

“We know that if we want to maintain strong bones, we need to consume dairy products daily. 1 g of calcium is consumed daily to neutralize substances and free radicals.If the diet does not cover this dose, calcium is taken from the bones.Wouldn’t it be easier to eat milk and yogurt? Especially since the calcium contained in dairy products is contained together with vitamin D, which is necessary for its fixation.Note, vitamin D is only present in milk fat!To increase the efficiency of calcium assimilation, Avoid drinking skim milk,” Mihaela Bilic explained.

“Milk fat has other benefits that contribute to its protective effects against obesity and diabetes, regulation of intestinal transport, and nutrition and development of the gut microbiota. Fatty acids, most of which are short-chain fatty acids, include conjugated linoleic acid, which has anticancer properties, and butyric acid, which has postbiotic properties. , Cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Enzymes and taste elements are also found in the fat, which gives whole milk a special taste, ”said the nutritionist.

“The correct amount of milk is 250ml, or 1 cup. Whole milk is 120cal and 8g fat, and semi-skimmed milk is 100cal and 4g fat. Both versions contain the same amount of calcium: 300mg. When it comes to yogurt, the right portion falls in half: A small 125g glass has 50cal and 4g of fat. Three parts meaning cheese, cream or butter, all milk.

Until now, I’ve avoided milkfat for fear of cholesterol and calories. We now know that fatty foods have no direct effect on blood cholesterol. In terms of caloric intake, rather reduce the amount of oil you consume and choose whole milk. Whole milk is a must, especially for children, teenagers and athletes. It is also more effective for weight loss if it contains dairy products. Diets high in yogurt and whole milk quadrupled weight loss. Take advantage of spring milk. Tastier and fatter than any time of the year!” she concludes Mihaela Bilic.

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