A recipe that can be adapted for your cat.Certain foods that humans appreciate are toxic to cats

Blanitza.ro He analyzed several well-known recipes and adapted them for small cats. See what he recommends below.

meatball soup

The original recipe is rich and delicious, but it is quite fatty. So replace the ground meat in the pork and beef mixture with only ground chicken or turkey. Already the fat problem is solved.

Onions are toxic to cats, so don’t use them in treats or soups. Sure, you can get rid of it and still have a delicious soup for your furry friend. Helps you consume more.

What ingredients are in cat litter soup?

  • minced turkey or chicken (about 120g)
  • tablespoon of rice
  • carrot pieces
  • eggs for fresh food
  • little or no salt

Cats are carnivores, so their diet is mostly meat. And the best meat is lean. You can choose chicken, turkey, or lean beef, any of which are good choices for perishable soups.

chicken soup

If you use meat (breast or leg diced), carrots, celery, red bell peppers, potatoes, parsley root, restaine in your chicken soup, if you replace the potatoes with rice and give up restaine, the soup is also suitable for cats. It will be great.

Also, you need to change the ratio of meat and vegetables. As I said earlier, carnivorous cats mainly eat meat.

cat chicken soup ingredients

Chicken (about 120g breast or thigh, bone and skin removed)

tablespoon of rice

  • carrot pieces
  • small pieces of celery
  • a small piece of parsley root
  • little or no salt
  • Clean vegetables, wash and cut everything into cubes. Then boil it in a small amount of water just enough to cover the ingredients so that the ingredients can be cooked.

After boiling, pass the vegetables along with half the amount of meat, add a little juice from the boil, mix with the remaining meat cubes and the meal is ready.

Note: No cream (or other dairy product) or vinegar is used to make the soup sour. Most cats are allergic to lactose and alcohol is toxic to cats.

What do you cook for your cat? Are they picky or do they eat everything off the plate?


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