7 delicious rhubarb recipes.Take advantage of this miracle food

We suggest seven delicious and easy rhubarb recipes to try this month.

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quick rhubarb recipe

And delicious. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, rhubarb has earned a reputation as a miracle plant due to its amazing effects on the human body.

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We suggest 7 delicious recipes with rhubarb worth trying. Besides being delicious, these rhubarb recipes will help you reap the benefits of this wonder plant.

ginger rhubarb recipe

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This ginger rhubarb recipe is a great way to start the day. Consuming this combination at breakfast gives you the energy you need for the day’s activities.

Ginger Rhubarb Recipe Ingredients

The ginger rhubarb recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  • 4 tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • 150 grams of rhubarb
  • 1/2 tablespoon grated ginger
  • 1/4 lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • a pinch of salt
  • nuts
  • almond
  • Sesame/pumpkin/sunflower seeds
  • 13 grams coconut flakes
  • 1 tablespoon melted coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
  • cinnamon

Preparation method

Preparing this rhubarb recipe is simple and easy.

Rhubarb stalks are washed and cut into 2 cm wide pieces. Place in a hot pan and bring to a boil with lemon juice, 2 tablespoons honey, 1/2 tablespoon grated ginger and a pinch of salt. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

When it becomes a puree, put it in a bowl and let it cool. (source: culinar.ro)

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Meanwhile, prepare the seed mix as follows: Mix walnuts with almonds, seeds, coconut flakes, ginger, honey, melted coconut oil, a pinch of salt and cinnamon and spread evenly on a baking tray preheated to 170°C. 10 minutes. Once the rhubarb puree has cooled, mix it with the yogurt and sprinkle the seeds on top.

ginger rhubarb recipe

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Rhubarb meringue cake recipe how to make

If you love cookies, try this rhubarb recipe. Rhubarb His Meringue Cake is a refreshing dessert for the sunny days ahead.

Rhubarb Meringue Cake Recipe Ingredients

This rhubarb and meringue cake recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  • 6 egg yolks,
  • 150g sugar,
  • 1 bag of vanilla sugar,
  • 1/2 bag of baking powder,
  • lemon juice,
  • 4 tbsp oil,
  • 1/2 cup warm milk,
  • 1 cup of flour (water), 2 tablespoons of grated semolina,
  • 5-6 rhubarb
  • For meringue:
  • 6 egg whites,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • 8 tablespoons sugar

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Preparation method

Start by preparing a cake tin (25/40cm) covered with baking paper or lightly oiled and dusted with flour.

Heat the oven to medium heat (180°C).

Rhubarb stalks are washed and cleaned and cut into 1-2 cm wide pieces. Place the cut pieces in a bowl, sprinkle with sugar on top and set aside, leaving some of the juice.

Separate the whites from the yolks.

Mix egg yolk with sugar, vanilla, baking powder and lemon juice. Once the eggs are colored, add the milk and oil little by little.

Next, add the cake flour little by little and mix lightly until it is familiar with the whole. The dough has the consistency of homemade cream – thick enough to hold a piece of rhubarb, but still flows smoothly.

Spread the dough evenly on the pan and sprinkle a spoonful of grated semolina on top to keep the rhubarb on top but absorb any juices released during baking.

Arrange rhubarb and sprinkle with semolina.

Bake in the oven for about 25-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, whisk egg whites with powdered salt and gradually add 8 tablespoons of sugar. It’s ready when it’s glossy and firm.

Remove cake from oven and spread whipped cream on top.

Reduce the oven temperature to 160°C and return the bread to the oven for another 15 minutes until the bubbles are golden brown.

Allow cake to cool before slicing and serving. (Source: epochtimes-romania.com).

Rhubarb cake recipe how to make

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Strawberry rhubarb tart recipe how to make

The Strawberry Rhubarb Tart recipe is truly amazing. It requires a few ingredients, but it’s not complicated to make.

Rhubarb Tart Recipe Ingredients

The strawberry rhubarb tart recipe requires:

  • it took:
  • 250g wheat flour
  • 125g butter
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 3 tbsp water
  • filling:
  • 700g strawberries
  • 120g sugar
  • 2-3 rhubarb
  • 3 tbsp starch
  • Anointed:
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons milk

Preparation method

To make the strawberry rhubarb tart recipe, first wash and clean the strawberries and rhubarb stalks and cut them into small pieces.

Put these pieces together with sugar and starch and boil until the composition thickens slightly.

Prepare the dough from the required ingredients, wrap it in cling film and let it cool for 30 minutes.

The dough is then rolled out into a tart and the chilled composition is added over it. Cut remaining dough into strips and place on top of rhubarb-strawberry mixture.

The dough is then brushed with egg yolk mixed with milk and the rhubarb tart with strawberries is placed in an oven preheated to 180°C for 40-45 minutes and baked until brown. (Source: bucatarașro.ro).

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Goat Cheese and Pickled Rhubarb Salad Recipe

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Rhubarb can be used not only in desserts, but also in salads and dishes. The rhubarb salad recipe is delicious and quick to make.

Goat Cheese and Pickled Rhubarb Salad Ingredients

  • Pickled rhubarb
  • your favorite salad mix
  • arugula
  • Phoenician
  • endive
  • goat cheese

How to pickle rhubarb

On how to pickle rhubarb, you have to follow a few simple steps.

To marinate the rhubarb, combine 150 ml apple cider vinegar, 150 ml water, 150 g sugar, 3 cm ginger, peppercorns and 2 bay leaves in a saucepan.

Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, add rhubarb pieces to hot liquid, and let stand until completely cooled.

Strain and add to the salad.

Preparation method

A goat cheese and pickled rhubarb salad couldn’t be easier. Place all the above ingredients in a bowl and season with salt, pepper, olive oil and rhubarb pickle juice.

Rhubarb lentil recipe.

A lentil dish recipe with rhubarb requires:

Rhubarb Lentil Recipe Ingredients

  • sweet potato
  • 200 grams of green lentils
  • About 800ml of water
  • 2 finely chopped rhubarb stalks
  • 1 finely chopped red pepper
  • 500 grams of cooked spinach
  • a little olive oil
  • chili flakes
  • ginger powder
  • a spoonful of mustard seed
  • a spoonful of brown sugar
  • a spoonful of cumin powder
  • salty

Preparation method

Boil the lentils in water with a few bay leaves. Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer lentils for another 30 minutes. If you need more, add more water during the boiling process.

Wrap the sweet potato in aluminum foil and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes.

In a pan, sauté chili flakes and mustard seeds with olive oil, add cumin after about 1 minute. Then add red pepper and rhubarb and sauté for 5-7 minutes. Add spinach, boiled lentils, diced sweet potatoes and a spoonful of brown sugar, and he simmers for 3 more minutes. Season the rhubarb lentil dish with salt and pepper. (Source: laurateodora.ro)

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rhubarb compote

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Rhubarb compote recipe how to make

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This rhubarb compote recipe requires:

Rhubarb Compote Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 500 grams peeled and diced rhubarb
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • fresh mint

Preparation method

The recipe for rhubarb compote is prepared as follows

Boil water with vanilla and sugar. Once the water has boiled and the sugar has dissolved, add the rhubarb.

Boil for 2-3 minutes until slightly softened, then remove from heat.

Allow to cool and add the juice of two lemons and a few mint leaves. Rhubarb compote used in this way can be stored in the refrigerator for several days (Source: alexjuncu.ro).

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Rhubarb cheesecake recipe how to make

The final rhubarb recipe is a rhubarb cheesecake recipe that requires:

Rhubarb Cheesecake Recipe Ingredients

50g butter 60% fat

125g crushed digestive biscuits

100g crushed oat flakes

1 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoons grated ginger

rhubarb cheesecake cream

Sweet card 250g

3 eggs

8 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

3 tbsp starch

200g Greek yogurt

Diet cottage cheese 400g

Preparation method

Follow these steps to make rhubarb cheesecake.

Heat the oven to the 2/150°C mark. Add boiling water to the bottom grill. Grease a 22 cm round baking dish and cover with baking paper.

Mix base ingredients and place in a well-pressed even layer. Keep it in the freezer.

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Mix the tofu and egg until it becomes a paste.. Add remaining ingredients and mix. Pour the mixture into the mold and place in the middle rack of the oven for 50 minutes.

Turn off the oven, open the door and let cool for 30 minutes. Then leave it to cool completely and put it in the freezer for 3 hours. Decorate this rhubarb cheesecake however you like. Good appetite!

Source: adagone.ro

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