4 Loboda Soup Recipes Perfect for Lent

Four loboda soup recipes perfect for Lent. In order to make the menu during the fasting period as diverse as possible, we have prepared the most delicious recipes for fasting soup with loboda.

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Four loboda soup recipes perfect for Lent. Loboda is a highly valued plant that has many benefits for the body. Loboda contains many vitamins and mineral salts and is used in soups, salads, pies and other recipes. Here are 10 of the most popular lobster dishes.

Loboda also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, carotenoids, protein, zinc, selenium, tryptophan, and dietary fiber, all of which are beneficial to health.

Here are several types of Loboda soups that you can prepare for Easter Lent.

red lobster soup


Red Roboda 5-6 bundles

2 bunches of green onions

2 bunches of green garlic

carrot juice

lemon (or flavor)

leustean connection

Method of preparation:

First, wash the loboda well with water, cut it into thin slices and set aside. Meanwhile, cut the green onions and garlic into rings, and grate or mince the carrots. Lightly fry the onion in 4 tbsp oil, add garlic, carrots and pour water.

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Then boil the vegetables, add the loboda and simmer for a few seconds. Add lemon juice and finally chopped lemon balm.

Lobod Borscht


7-8 red round links

1 green onion

2-3 potatoes of suitable size

2 carrots

1 Rechtaulink

1 bunch parsley



2 tsp olive oil

3-5 tablespoons fresh cream Borscht 500ml

Method of preparation:

Wash the loboda well and put it in about 2 liters of boiling water with a teaspoon of salt. After that, boil it several times, remove it from the boiling pot and sift it. Onions, carrots and potatoes are washed, cut into suitable cubes and boiled in loboda juice.

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Once the vegetables are cooked, chop the loboda and place it on top of the cooked vegetables. Season with a little salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Boil the borscht separately and put it in a pot with the loboda soup. Add plenty of lemongrass and parsley and serve with cream.

Lobot soup with rice


5 green and red robe links

500ml borscht or sour cabbage juice

1 onion

1 bunch of green garlic

1 tablespoon rice

1 egg yolk

100ml cream

1 link greens dill salt pepper

Method of preparation:

First, boil rice in two liters of water with peeled and finely chopped onions. Add salt, and when the rice is soft-boiled, add loboda leaves, wash and cut into bite-sized pieces. When the ingredients are soft, add the borscht or cabbage juice, remove the pan from the heat before serving, and gradually add the egg yolk and cream mixture to the soup.

Loboda soup with egg rags


2-3 red robe ties

1 link dill

1 bunch parsley

1 green onion link

1-2 potatoes

1 carrot

1-2 eggs

Method of preparation:

Chop the vegetables and boil them in water with a pinch of salt. Wash the red loboda well and cut into wide strips. Next, boil the borscht separately. Mix everything and boil for a few more minutes. Separately, beat the eggs. Gradually pour the eggs into the borscht and mix with a fork.

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This results in small noodle-like egg rags.The loboda soup can be served with cream or polenta.

lobster cream soup


1 kg of green leaves

2 bunches of green onions

1 bunch parsley

2 bunches of dill


a pinch of white pepper

2 teaspoons flour

2 tsp oil

Method of preparation:

Wash the loboda well and boil it in salted water. Boil for a few minutes and sieve when soft. Wash the leeks and greens and chop finely. In another pan, put the oil and chopped vegetables to a simmer, add the flour and mix constantly.

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After that, the boiled loboda is pureed in a blender and the vegetables and loboda are mixed with the boiled juice. Season with a little salt and white pepper to taste. Loboda cream soup is garnished with green parsley and dill and served with warm croutons.

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