5 things I learned from banging my feet against walls every day

When searching for information on the internet, you can come across various interesting and unconventional findings. During one such online search, I encountered an illustration of a leg-lifting technique aimed at alleviating stress in the lower body. The method was straightforward and seemed promising, so I decided to give it a try.

To experiment with this novel approach, I gathered a yoga mat and positioned my feet against a wall. My canine companion displayed some reluctance to move and displayed curiosity by sniffing around, trying to grasp the situation. Nevertheless, assuming the yoga poses turned out to be quite effortless.

Numerous online sources proposed different time frames, but I settled on a 10-minute session. I played some soothing meditation music I had acquired from an online platform and shut my eyes.

This practice, known as Viparita Karani, involves stretching the legs against a wall, purportedly reducing the strain accumulated from prolonged sitting.

I was intrigued to understand its mechanism. Subsequently, I learned that inverting our bodies aids in draining excess fluid that accumulates in our feet due to gravity’s effects. Such accumulated stress doesn’t dissipate easily, but this specific yoga pose facilitates this process. Furthermore, it encourages a positive circulation pattern within the core.

After incorporating this routine for a week, I noticed a decrease in stress not only within my lower body but also in my neck and back.

Over time, I developed an appreciation for this practice and endeavored to solely concentrate on the accompanying music. Given the contemporary concern that excessive sitting can be likened to the hazards of smoking, individuals engaged in sedentary occupations should consider mitigating this stress. I wholeheartedly recommend this approach to anyone grappling with extended periods of sitting.

Key guidelines for practicing this technique effectively:

  • Maintain your buttocks in proximity to the wall, forming a 90-degree angle.
  • Sensations of stretching in the hamstrings are expected.

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