Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, popularly known as Dr. Acne Popper, has gained a massive following on YouTube with over three million subscribers, thanks to her intriguing acne videos. In one of her recent posts on Monday, she showcased the removal of a glandular cyst located on a woman’s head.

Dr. Lee’s surgical expertise and the use of pain medication ensured a quick and satisfying removal process. At around the 1:48 mark in the video, the cyst released a stream of dirt, and at 2:30, Dr. Lee humorously remarked that the whole thing resembled a lamp.

During the procedure, Dr. Lee engaged in an interesting conversation with her patient, who disclosed attempting to open a cyst at home in the past. The patient admitted to squeezing the cyst and noticing “something” coming out of it after a few days. However, the growth had not completely disappeared.

This anecdote serves as a reminder that attempting self-removal of cysts can often be ineffective and hazardous.

Glandular cysts, according to DermNet NZ, the educational website of the New Zealand Dermatology Association, are common benign tumors found on the scalp. These cysts are sacs filled with keratin, the protein found in hair and nails, and squeezing them can release a corrosive substance.

In summary, Dr. Sandra Lee’s videos have captivated a large online audience, but it is crucial to avoid attempting self-removal of cysts as it can lead to complications and potential dangers.

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