9 Things Men Don’t Find Attractive In Women

During numerous surveys, men shared their opinions on what they find unattractive in women. Based on their responses, here is a list of the top 9 things that men generally don’t consider appealing.

  1. Extreme Hairstyle

Men are not attracted to hair that is overly voluminous and adorned with numerous accessories. Most prefer soft and silky natural hair, keeping it simple yet elegant.

  1. Too Much Makeup

Excessive makeup can alter a woman’s appearance drastically, which men tend to dislike. To maintain beauty, it is best to apply makeup evenly and use natural tones, following the principle of “less is more.”

  1. Artificial Eyelashes

Men generally prefer women to avoid wearing artificial eyelashes and using too much mascara. Emphasizing natural beauty tends to be more appealing to them.

  1. Shiny Makeup

Shiny makeup, often associated with an oily or sweaty appearance, is not favored by men. Using matte makeup gives a more attractive and desirable look.

  1. Yellow Teeth and Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene is crucial as bad breath and yellow-stained teeth can be a turn-off for both men and women. Regular visits to the dentist are essential for maintaining a healthy and attractive smile.

  1. Lack of Personal Hygiene

Neglecting personal body care, such as unshaven legs and broken nails, is unattractive to both men and women. Proper grooming and hygiene play a significant role in overall attractiveness.

  1. Dry or Greasy Skin

Men find well-hydrated skin more appealing than dry or excessively greasy skin. Proper skincare helps maintain a radiant and attractive complexion.

  1. Retouching Makeup in Public

Men generally do not find it appealing when women frequently correct their makeup in public. Such activities are best done privately, as men might not be interested in these beauty rituals.

  1. Dark Lips

Using dark lipstick shades can lead to teeth looking dirty, which is not attractive to men. Opting for lighter shades can enhance a woman’s appearance and avoid this issue.

  1. Too Much Perfume

Excessive use of perfume is unnecessary, as men prefer a subtle fragrance. A light spray on the wrists, neck, or behind the ears is sufficient to leave a pleasant impression.


Understanding what men find unattractive in women can help individuals make conscious choices about their appearance and personal care. Emphasizing natural beauty, practicing good hygiene, and using makeup and fragrances in moderation can enhance attractiveness to both men and women. Remember, attractiveness is subjective, and feeling confident in one’s own skin is ultimately the key to being appealing to others.

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